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Instructor led group sessions geared towards children ages 8-14. THIS IS NOT A WEIGHTLIFTING CLASS.

The programming helps children identify with fitness goals that can be used throughout their life. We focus on good movement and light weights if any.

We reinforce positive goals for diet, homework and fitness.

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Instructor led group sessions geared towards adults of all ages. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE 'IN SHAPE' TO ATTEND THESE SESSIONS.

These sessions incorporate a variety of barbell, kettlebell, gymnastics and strength conditioning movements that can be scaled for anyone.

What does that mean? It means: “Don’t worry, we’ll make it work for you vs. you trying to make it work for us.”

Although these are group sessions we monitor everyone’s physical ability and make recommendations in regards to which movement best suits their goals.

Whether you’re an off-the-street novice or straight-up firebreather these sessions will benefit you and make some great friends along the way.

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These are instructor led Strength and Conditioning classes meant for athletes in highschool all the way through colligate and semi-pro sports.

Although the format is in a group setting each athlete is treated as an individual with specific training needs and requirements.

The programming is designed to prevent injury and improve any strength or flexibility gaps the athlete may have.

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Not interested in group training but still want the oversight of a qualified trainer?

We offer personal training services tailored to your needs.

Our trainers will oversee your fitness and nutrition needs to help you achieve your goals.

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Our instructor led group classes allow athletes to workout together and push each other throughout the session.

Athletes within the group sessions love the format both for the intense workout and the comradery.

Want to try a session and see if it's for you? Contact us for information.

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Have an interest in a barbell club?

We have instructor led sessions that focus on traditional barbell movements including oly lifts and strongman movements.

These sessions give you an opportunity to refine your lifts and work-out with like minded athletes.

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Need professional athletic programming for a school or corporate institution? We can help.

We’ll provide custom programming based on your needs.

Whether it’s high school athletic training or corporate fitness and wellness our staff has the expertise to make your program successful.

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